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I am trying to find out about a Kamuela artist. I have a painting of the Mauna Kea Beach area, that is signed D. Ackerman and is dated 1966 with a Kamuela box address on the back. https://picasaweb.google.com/davidfallucco/Ackerman

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Sailboat SundayHi. I recently purchased a painting entitled “Sailboat Sunday Kaneohe Bay”. It is signed with the monogram “HBA”, and dated ’54. I don’t even know if this artist was Hawaiian or not, but thought you would be a good place to begin my search. Following in another email is a photo of the signature on the back of the canvas. a photo of the front is attached. Any help would as to who this artist is would be greatly appreciated.

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mother-childI am looking for any information I can get on the artist who did this picture.  I was told this was a Hawaiian “Mother & Child” done by “Stickney” I believe it says.  I love the work and would like to know if there is more out there, if the artist is still alive, and if so could I contact him or her.  My cousin got this picture along with another “Mother & Child” done in charcoal, and a smaller “Lady in a Hawaiian dress with long straight hair and a large straw hat.  My cousin, Joyce Walzack, was an interior decorator and lived in Hawaii for many years before her death. I believe she got them in the ’50’s or early ’60’s. I appreciate any help I can get.  Sincerely, Mickey D

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I am looking for a artist named June Egan her Tongan name was sune?  June did tapa cloth in her paintings by pounding inner bark of the paper mulberry tree against a flatten log with a wooden mallet using a brown dye called tongo.  I have 4 of her art works now I am trying to locate some more.  June had a show in 1977 at LeMaroi Gallery in which she sold sixty of her art pieces during one month showing.  She is Australian born I believe.  I would appreciate any information you may have in the comment section below.  Diana Leffler

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About 5 years ago I visited Kauai and purchased a beautiful wood carving of a little bird.  It had wire legs and stood on a nice piece of wood.  The bottom was signed by Russell.  My home was destroyed by fire in November and  that was one of my most cherished pieces.  Do you know when i could obtain another piece of his work?  It was made of several different woods of different colors. Kind regards, Sally Cairns

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I would like to contact one of the artists who had a jewelry display this past weekend at the Haleiwa Arts Festival to purchase one of her pieces.  This will be a surprise gift for my wife.  The one receipt I do have shows “Holly Wild Ware” however, I cannot find a phone number or address.  Please comment if you can be of assistance.


Ralph Martin

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I am looking for a Vintage Hawaiian Sign artist named Steven Neil. I think his shop is called Signworks Hawaii. I thought he lived in Hilo, Hi. He makes wooden signs. He used to have work in a local gallery in Los Gatos, Ca.

Do you know where I can find him…I am remodeling my house and would very much like to get some of his artwork.  Thanks in advance for your help.


John Giannotti

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I am looking for a print called ‘Chile Pincer’ by R.T. Freeman (or maybe P.T. Freeman) — it is layered from bottom to top with shrimp then fish then a crab grabbing a chile off a plant in bright reds/blues. I saw the print in the Chile Pepper magazine Nov/Dec 1994 (yes, old!). Any help is much appreciated.


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Ok, this is going to be a crazy request but here it goes anyway. I don’t know the artist or even the name of the print but I can kind of describe it. (As a librarian I get this kind of requests all the time for books as people describe to me the story and want me to find a book so I understand as you are shaking your head and sighing…loudly). About 7 years ago I saw a print in Hawaii that had 4 or 5 older women dressed in muumuus and they were laughing, I don’t remember if they were just visiting on making something but it was very colorful. Does this ring any bells? If you know where I might locate this print or who the artist is please leave a comment below.


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I keep wondering whatever happened to an old artist friend, and thought maybe you could help me find out. I’m assuming you must know lots of artists there.

This artist, whose name is ZOC, lived in Kona, out on the spit of land on the north end of Kealakekua Bay, and visiting him involved paddling across the bay, or hiking a long trail down from the road. A hermit type of guy, he was building his home out of lava rock – a home in the shape of a dragon. This was in the mid-80s. He was a friend and contemporary of Salvador Dali when he lived in the “real” world. I once traded him some fibreglass and resin for a wonderful contemporary tableau, and have it framed and hanging in my house.  I never know is real name, just Zoc.


Teia Maman
Soustons FRANCE

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