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Take a look at the following “notes” section from HawaiiArt.com:

This open edition 11″ x 5.5″ Paper print is
double matted and measures 14″ x 11″
(total size with mat). Limited Editions are
as follows: 16″ x 8″ (actual print size) on
Paper (Edition size: 500) or Canvas (250).
28″ x 14.5″ Canvas (150). 18″ x 36″ Canvas
(150).  48″ x 24″ Canvas (75).

While this description is very comprehensive, there are issues here that may result in confusion and loss of sales.  This is because the passage creates more questions than it answers.  I had several customers call me about this listing which means there are probably 20 customers that simply moved on.

The problem is that the artist indicated that the 11 x 5.5 is a double matted print but doesnt say anything about mats on the other prints sizes.  While it seems likely that the customer would know that the canvas sizes are “unmatted” it is important to say this in your descriptions if you offer details about one of your sizes.  The above description leaves the customer thinking:

  • Does the 16×8 have a mat?  It says ‘actual print size’…there must be one right?
  • What about the other sizes? What types on mats do those have?

These questions with no visible answers can inhibit sales on the 16 x 8 size in this case particularly, and the product page as a whole.


Here is an example of how I would have wrote this listing for optimal sales effectiveness.

The 11″ x 5.5″ and is an open edition paper print with a 14″ x 11″ double mat.  The 16″ x 8″ is an unmatted limited edition on paper.  All larger sizes are unmatted limited editions printed on canvas.  Each is hand signed by the artist.

Also, note how I omitted the edition sizes which appeared a bit cluttered vs. informative (just my opinion).  How many customers would not understand what all the edition sizes in parentheses are?  This folks are very likely to abandon the sale.

Good luck on implementing these tips.

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HawaiiArt.com now offers artists an easy way to collect payments for commissions and custom projects. Artists can send an email to art@hawaiiart.com with the Title, Price, Customers Email, and Shipping Amount to collect, and we will generate an email with an instant Buy Now button (shown above). We can also email the button directly to the artist they prefer to share it with their customer personally. Our finders fee on custom orders is 10% so you will receive a 90% payout in 30 days when using this method.

Mahalo nui,

Glen Carner

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Your pictures are everything when selling art online.  They are the primary conveyor of information to your customer about your art when then actual piece is 3000 miles away.  Adobe has just made great pictures easier with there FREE online photo-editing tool Photoshop Express.  There is simply no excuse to upload junk images of your beautiful art when you have access to powerful free services like SnipShot and now Photoshop Express.  If you have poor quality images on the site, taking 5 minutes and doing some saturation correction and sharpening can be the difference between $50 or $500 dollars in your pocket this year.  Its so important to us that if have poor images and still don’t want to try these easy to use websites, let us know and I will correct the photos for you.

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Many of our artists receive requests for commissions and artwork that is not listed on HawaiiArt.com. Like most galleries, we ask for a finders fee in these situations.

There are two ways to handle commissions and the sale of “offline items” that occur as a result of customers finding you via HawaiiArt.com. The easiest way and most “gallery-esk” is to work directly with the customer, and then mail us a 10% finders fee check. In this way, all HawaiiArt.com does is make the referral to the artist, and then the artist mails a check to HawaiiArt.com.

The second way which is offered to artists that do not have credit card payment processing or want HawaiiArt.com to escrow and guarantee the transaction is to have us process the payment for you. Using this method, the artist will work with the customer on a final price. Then HawaiiArt.com will be responsible for contacting the customer and collecting payment. If we are processing payment in this way, we will take our usual 20% commission.

If there is a third method that works better for you, we are flexible and committed to whatever serves our artists best so please let us know if you need a different arrangement and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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The option section of the artwork editor controls the price, size, and shipping cost of an item. It can even allow you to offer framing options, different editions, and more. You can find the options section located in the gray area on the bottom of the page when editing an item, where it says “Add an Option.” Follow these simple steps to add options to your artwork.

1 – In the drop down button where it says “size”, select or leave as is, the type of option you want (size, edition, etc.).
2 – Type in the width and/or length of the item in inches.
3 – Add the price you want to charge in the box.
4 – Add the shipping weight. This is used to calculate the amount the site collects for shipping based on Current USPS Priority Rates (Hawaii to the mainland is Zone 8).  Enter a weight that will collect an amount that accounts for insurance and our commission, which comes from the grand total.
5 – Press add option.
6 – The option will appear in the gray “artwork options” section below.
7 – Add as many options you want.
8 – Press save changes.
9- Ta Da, you did it!

Options allows you to offer different sized items for different prices. If you use multiple options like size, frame, and edition, the site will add the amounts together if the customer selects them. If you want to give the choice of framing, remember to add a Unframed option under FRAME: and leave the price and weight blank. If you need more help, remember you can always contact us at art@hawaiiart.com

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SnipshotNow if that doesn’t deserve a click (unless you have Photoshop) I don’t know what does. Snipshot makes it entirely easy to crop, enhance, and do other basic editing all for free right through your web browser. I love web-based stuff like this as there is nothing to download, and it is as easy as can be. Good images are key to selling your art! Never underestimate the power of a brightness & contrast adjustment, with a touch of sharpen filter, and even a dab of saturation to compensate for camera and lighting inadequacies. I hope you take advantage of this great tool.

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The potential of the multi-view feature is amazing. Example 1 Example 2 Move your mouse over the little images below the main one to see the feature work. Shelly’s use of gallery shots in the display of her beautiful watercolors is sure to increase sales. Close-ups, framing, pictures of the certificate, on the easel, and any other additional images will help you sell more art! You can add up to 4 of these supporting images. If you have any other pictures of your existing works that you would like to display, please send them to art@hawaiiart.com and I will happily clean (if needed) and add them for you OR Login Here.

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Today we are releasing a feature that is guaranteed to increase the sales of any item on our site. Now you can upload up to 5 images to show close ups, brush strokes, signatures, frames, and anything else that gives the customer a better physical sense of your art.

2D and 3D artists can dramatically benefit from this feature. I can’t tell you all the many exciting ways you can use this, but one artist is already displaying images sent to him by his customers! Here he is proudly wearing his makau.

If you have alternative images, take a moment and upload them to your existing items. It only takes a minute. Even if you shoot some causal real world photos, if could make a huge difference in the customers decision.

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I know all you Mac lovers out there like Safari but some of our artists report that it does not work well with the HawaiiArt.com artist control panel. We are testing on Safari machines but if you have not made the change to Firefox maybe now is the time. Either that, or just send us your images, prices, and descriptions and we will do the work for you.  Report any Mac problem you are having below.

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Many artist worry that they wont be able to use HawaiiArt.com because the computer is a scary thing that is to be avoided at all costs. Here are the only technical skills you need to list with us:

1 – The ability to check your email every few days.

2 – Have digital pictures of your work on your computer (that you can find) to make your listing. Don’t worry, the website does all the resizing itself.

3 – The ability to fill in the blanks on the artist control panel like the title, medium, size, etc.

If you get an order and we don’t hear from you, we will call you by phone because great customer service is a priority for us and we would like orders that come in to be answered by the artist within 3 days. We just don’t want you to forget about us and the fact that in addition to giving you a free listing, we may even have a sale in your inbox! 😉

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