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HawaiiArt.com has recently teamed up with photographer Michael Cromwell from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Michael Cromwell is widely known for his stunning macro botanicals – whether photographed out in nature or contrasting against a black backdrop.

Hawaiian Still Life

“Cactus Flower” and “Hibiscus Unfurled” photos by Michael Cromwell


But Cromwell’s photography is more than just a photo; he explores the beauty of nature / still life photography in a combination with a realm of other mediums including paint, textural elements, and collage.  While some of the work is done post-image, Michael Cromwell will often compile actual physical elements into a textural collage BEFORE taking the photo, adding many more layers authenticity and creativity.


Hawaiian Photo Collage

“Juxtaposition” and “Ascension” photo collages by Michael Cromwell.


Michael Cromwell’s photography is a delightful mix of classical and contemporary – with traditional processes while pushing the boundaries of today’s creativity.  His artwork is available on HawaiiArt.com – offering a wide selection of different print options for each piece – including print on Canvas, Metal (aluminum) and Giclee Paper.  HawaiiArt.com is also happy to take CUSTOM orders for any of Michael’s work – so if you don’t see a size or print option on our website that you’d like, just shoot us an email with your request to info@hawaiiart.com!

Hawaiian Shells

“Nautilus Composite” photo composition by Michael Cromwell


“Proteas” photo by Michael Cromwell











Tuber Roses

“Tuberoses” photo by Michael Cromwell

Be sure to check out Michael Cromwell’s artwork collection on HawaiiArt.com.


A Hui Hou!

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