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“Morning Glory” by Patrick Ching

Most people walk through the world not noticing the subtle changes in the sky. Artists are a bit more observant than the average person. Hang around Patrick Ching and you’ll see the sky from a whole new view.

Most artists will notice that the sky is lighter down below and gets darker as you go higher. There is another difference that even most artists don’t notice: The sky is not only darker up high but also redder as well. The sky seems quite purplish as it gets higher… (blue with red makes purple).

Here’s the surprise:  The sky is not just lighter toward the horizon but greener as well. Adding a touch of certain greens to the lower sky will enhance its contrast from the upper sky. Hence, the sky will not only contrast from light to dark, but from green to red as well. Green and red are the opposites or complements of each other. The viewer won’t even know Why your sky looks so good, but they will notice that it does!

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