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In an early morning painting on the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, the shadows are made up of warm colors. Artist, Rod Cameron, offers this insight into the color temperature that he used in the painting, and gives artists a good rule of thumb when selecting colors for shadows.

At sunrise and sunset, the color of the light is changing very quickly. For even very ambitious plein air painters who manage to set up their easels at the crack of dawn, it’s nearly impossible to finish the painting and capture the lighting effects on the landscape before it changes. And it’s hard to remember exactly how it looked when you got the inspiration for your creation.

Rod Cameron, travels with other artists all the way from his home on the Big Island in Hawaii to central Europe and the Czech and Slovak Republics, to paint in Prague. Knowing how to handle the shadows in certain colored light can be very helpful when painting en plein air, and the time and the light is moving too fast.

Rod Cameron tells his students, “The magical light of Prague this early in the morning had a cool predominate cast, which brings the shadows to the warmer hues of the palate. Cool light equals warm shadows, or warm light gives cool shadows. This is the general rule.”

Even experienced plein air painting artists can benefit from this little reminder, especially when it’s early, and you’re in the moment. You want to capture the look and feel of cool, early morning, before the sun is up, and a few good rules of thumb can help take the guesswork out!

“The incredible buildings of the city create an interesting sky line across the horizon and I used the tall statue on the left, which had a natural gaze into the scene and the focal points of the painting,” said Rod Cameron while describing his painting titled, Charles Bridge. This Rod Cameron painting of the Charles bridge in Prague can be found on the web.

Go ahead! Travel halfway around the world. Get up at the crack of dawn, and capture in your paintings the beautiful places that you travel to with confidence! The light may be changing too quickly, but the architecture, skylines and statues aren’t. Create great value and color harmony with complimentary colors, then nudge the color in the shadows either warm or cool.  Notice that it gives your shadows a “real presence”.

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Reprinted from Herb Kane’s blog at http://herbkane.wordpress.com/

It is believed that surfing by board and canoe was invented in Hawai‘i, for in all of their travels around the world and throughout the Pacific the 18th century expedition under Captain James Cook saw nothing like it until they reached these islands.

My first ride in a surfing canoe was in the mid-1930s, in my seventh year, but the memory of the experience has been indelible. The steersman was a tall broad-shouldered Hawaiian. On his seat, elevated to give him a better view over the heads of the others, he impressed me as the “king of the wave.” And what a wave it was! We rushed down a moving, ever-rising wall of roaring water, spray hissing along the sides of the canoe and sparkling in the afternoon sunlight.

But let’s hear about it from someone else. When he heard from webmaster Karen Kaufman of my plan to do this new painting, Daniel Hsu, now of California, wrote:

“I have been surfing for over 25 years and can recall surfing at “Queens” and “Canoes” on Waikiki with great fondness. From my experience in the ocean, the light Herb mentions in the late afternoon and the water’s surface texture sometimes overwhelms one with a sense of calmness. And, as you drop into a wave with the salt water in your mouth and that sea air in your nose, there is certain expectation for the moment to unfold. It is those moments that as surfers we remember for a lifetime.”

A closer view of the canoe…

This new painting is in the Artist’s Collection.
Oil on canvas, 40″ x 23″ ©2009 Herb Kawainui Kane. Framing is not yet selected.
A limited edition of 40 signed and numbered giclee prints on canvas will be produced at the size of the original or any size not less than 30″ x 17.25″

You can see more of Herb Kane’s work here. Contact art@hawaiiart.com for special pricing.

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Join this once is a lifetime Plein air Painting Workshop and Exciting City Tour.

OPEN to 10 artists and their guests. May 25 – 31, 2010.  Join Artist Rod Cameron and Prague native, Jiri Balej, together with Artist Margaret Stanton for an exciting 5 day/6nights of painting, photographing and touring this exquisite, old European capital in a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

This painting workshop/tour includes three star hotel accommodations with amenities in the heart of Prague (one block from MoMA), 5 days of painting workshops with Rod Cameron in different locations, 2 evening figure painting sessions, Daily sightseeing tours, personal instruction, Airport meet and greet, train ride excursion & savings on food and entertainment. Register Now!

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