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Blazing Banana Trees by Marina Kuran“Aloha Everyone! I’d just like to take this opportunity to let you know that I will be running an awesome sale on all of my work – originals AND prints from now through Labor Day. They are VERY affordable. In fact, EVERYTHING WILL BE 20% OFF! So if you’ve been putting off treating yourself to Hawaiian art (and remember, the magic of Hawaii isn’t just about photo realistic landscapes seen from the distance) or a making a gift of art to someone you love, now is the time to stop wondering if you can afford it – YOU CAN! And remember, the pleasure of a gourmet meal stays with us for an evening; a great vacation for a week or two – but the beauty of artwork lasts a lifetime.

Mahalo nui aloha a hui hou,
Marina Kuran
South Kona


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Hi Family & Friends/Collectors,

I’m excited to tell you about this fun event that will be happening in June! A bunch of us artists from Plein Air Painters Of Hawaii and The Association of Hawaii Artists all get together from the neighboring islands 2 -3 times a year to paint together “‘en Plein air”, which is a very inspiring and fun event to watch and participate in. There will be some top “plein-air-ists” there, and we are hoping you will come by one or more of the sights to say “Hi”!

There will be artists all over painting on location (mostly windward) the weekend of June 6 – 8. Me and Susie Anderson doing our thing at Makapu’u! Several are quite well known local artists including George Allen & Jan Bushart from Maui; George Eguchi, Anne Irons, and Susie Anderson from Oahu (to name just a few). Here is our schedule:

Kailua Beach Park, in the morning
Makapu’u Beach Park, in the afternoon

Chinatown, all day

Moli’i Ancient Fish Ponds, in the morning
Ho’omaluhia Botanical Park, in the afternoon.

We will end with a pot luck on the 8th at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden Gallery.

Hope to see you there!
Lynne Boyer

Artist must be a member of either PAPOH or AHA. If not already a member of either, artist chooses which organization to join. For more information feel free to contact Jan Bushart or Priscilla Hall.

Jan Bushart

Priscilla Hall

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I am looking for a print called ‘Chile Pincer’ by R.T. Freeman (or maybe P.T. Freeman) — it is layered from bottom to top with shrimp then fish then a crab grabbing a chile off a plant in bright reds/blues. I saw the print in the Chile Pepper magazine Nov/Dec 1994 (yes, old!). Any help is much appreciated.


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Ok, this is going to be a crazy request but here it goes anyway. I don’t know the artist or even the name of the print but I can kind of describe it. (As a librarian I get this kind of requests all the time for books as people describe to me the story and want me to find a book so I understand as you are shaking your head and sighing…loudly). About 7 years ago I saw a print in Hawaii that had 4 or 5 older women dressed in muumuus and they were laughing, I don’t remember if they were just visiting on making something but it was very colorful. Does this ring any bells? If you know where I might locate this print or who the artist is please leave a comment below.


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Some of our artists have mentioned that their images loose “pop” after uploaded them to HawaiiArt.com. This occurs when the site reduces the image size and then uses jpeg compression to create the thumbnail, main, and full size image. Starting with a clear high resolution picture makes a big difference in the final display, but we thought we might be able to improve things on our end.

We have added a sharpening filter to the image uploader. If you want to test it out, simply upload an image and look at it on the site. Remember that the thumbnail, main, and full size image can all be sharpened in varying degrees so if you think the sharpening filter needs to be stronger or weaker please post your comments here and let me know.

If you are a tech wiz, you can see the details of the Convolution Filter

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