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Your pictures are everything when selling art online.  They are the primary conveyor of information to your customer about your art when then actual piece is 3000 miles away.  Adobe has just made great pictures easier with there FREE online photo-editing tool Photoshop Express.  There is simply no excuse to upload junk images of your beautiful art when you have access to powerful free services like SnipShot and now Photoshop Express.  If you have poor quality images on the site, taking 5 minutes and doing some saturation correction and sharpening can be the difference between $50 or $500 dollars in your pocket this year.  Its so important to us that if have poor images and still don’t want to try these easy to use websites, let us know and I will correct the photos for you.

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I keep wondering whatever happened to an old artist friend, and thought maybe you could help me find out. I’m assuming you must know lots of artists there.

This artist, whose name is ZOC, lived in Kona, out on the spit of land on the north end of Kealakekua Bay, and visiting him involved paddling across the bay, or hiking a long trail down from the road. A hermit type of guy, he was building his home out of lava rock – a home in the shape of a dragon. This was in the mid-80s. He was a friend and contemporary of Salvador Dali when he lived in the “real” world. I once traded him some fibreglass and resin for a wonderful contemporary tableau, and have it framed and hanging in my house.  I never know is real name, just Zoc.


Teia Maman
Soustons FRANCE

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so’mace is on the move to a new lofty space that will soon include a retail gallery.somace_moving08.jpg
1115 young street – honolulu

808-593-8780 gallery
808-282-0212 creative

The so’mace gallery will feature Kaypee Soh’s artwork and soft goods. While we remain ready to assist you with our innovative creative work in branding, print, and Web site design, we are also expanding our services to include lifestyle design.

The gallery is not quite ready for prime time, but if you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and talk story. We’ll be happy to show you what’s behind the scenes in our new space and you’ll also be able to see Kaypee’s latest collections.

Edward Macey

So’mace Design

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haf.jpgAloha, It’s that time of year again…time to start thinking about the Haleiwa Arts Festival. This year is the 11th one! We are being really challenged this year by the state of the economy and need all the help we can get. Here is the “Call to Artists” for this year’s Haleiwa Arts Festival. I would be glad to furnish documentation as to our non-profit status if necessary. The biggest reason though is that the Hale’iwa Arts Festival is a great opportunity for artists to gain exposure to over 10,000 art aficionados’.

The number and quality of artists has grown steadily over the years, some artists have been with us for all 11 years. The “Call to Artists” PSA’s extends this opportunity to new participants. There are only a limited number of artist that can participate, certain requirements must be met, and a selection process is used to determine who qualifies. Feel free to not only publicize the “Call to Artists” but to send it to anyone you know that may benefit from being a part of the Haleiwa Arts Festival.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Chuck White

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