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Many of our artists receive requests for commissions and artwork that is not listed on HawaiiArt.com. Like most galleries, we ask for a finders fee in these situations.

There are two ways to handle commissions and the sale of “offline items” that occur as a result of customers finding you via HawaiiArt.com. The easiest way and most “gallery-esk” is to work directly with the customer, and then mail us a 10% finders fee check. In this way, all HawaiiArt.com does is make the referral to the artist, and then the artist mails a check to HawaiiArt.com.

The second way which is offered to artists that do not have credit card payment processing or want HawaiiArt.com to escrow and guarantee the transaction is to have us process the payment for you. Using this method, the artist will work with the customer on a final price. Then HawaiiArt.com will be responsible for contacting the customer and collecting payment. If we are processing payment in this way, we will take our usual 20% commission.

If there is a third method that works better for you, we are flexible and committed to whatever serves our artists best so please let us know if you need a different arrangement and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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