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In this second excerpt from her 56 minute DVD, Maui artist Stephanie Sachs shows you how to paint large clouds.


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HawaiiArt.com will now display best selling items first in the default sort. While this feature won’t help much with one-of-a-kind items (unless you want to keep some sold items listed first), it’s sure to keep reproductions that your visitors are buying right up front. One problem with this feature is that much older pieces can get stuck on the front page because they have had lots of sales. Artists might want to take that item off-line for a bit to keep things fresh, or leave it up if it is still working for your customers.

Artists will also notice when visiting the artwork editor that items not on display will show as “offline” making it much easier to tell what is showing and what is not. It will still say “sold” if the item is on display but not available to purchase.

Last but not least we have a good number of visitors (myself included) interested in traditional Hawaiian arts like lauhala weaving and makau so we made some catalog changes to better feature those items. Our goal has always been to support traditional local artists first (no like them disappear yeah?) and I look forward to creating more categories for lei’s and such as we move forward.

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Saturday, January 26 10am-4pm at Naturally Hawaiian Gallery in Waimanalo. You will know how to paint nature from that day on. Learn how to see the world closer than you ever have. $125 includes all materials. Beginners or professionals welcome. Limited space. 808-259-5354

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