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Mark J. Huisman, film critic, independent film producer and scholar, will teach a 12-week course in The Artist’s Way on several Hawaiian islands, including Oahu, Hawaii and Maui, beginning in mid-October.

Huisman provides practical, lasting lessons on artistic commitment through a focused course of study tailored to individual participants who work together in small artistic support groups. The Artist’s Way can help practicing artists successfully deepen their commitment to their craft, whether they are writers, painters, sculptors, dancer, photographers or anything else. New artists can begin to explore the creativity they have long held back.

“I meet so many people who say they have always wanted to write or paint or take pictures but have never had the courage to actually do so,” said Huisman by telephone from New York. The Artist’s Way is a wonderful way to give yourself the gift of exploring your creativity, whether you’ve been a working artist for years or you’ve been dreaming about being one for a long time.”

For over twelve years between 1990 and 2002, Huisman was a film critic, entertainment reporter and investigative journalist for publications including The Village Voice, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Advocate, OUT and The Nation. Films produced by Huisman include The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (Sundance, 1995), The Girl (Rotterdam and Berlin Film Festivals, 2000) and Confidences. He has attended the Sundance Producers’ conference three times and served as a script consultant on close to one hundred independent and Hollywood productions.

A two-time graduate of Columbia University, where he earned a B.A. in Film Studies and an M.F.A. in Writing, Huisman has taught The Artist’s Way for over five years. He has taught introductory screenwriting at Columbia and will teach the University’s first course in gay and lesbian cinema in the spring of 2008.

In September of 2006, Huisman’s entire body of writing was acquired by one of the most celebrated literary archives in the world, The Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University. The RBML contains vast collections in American history and literature, theater and film, international affairs, music and journalism, including manuscripts by Tennessee Williams, Lionel Trilling, Allen Ginsberg and the archives of Human Rights Watch, Harper & Row and The Pulitzer Prizes, among others

“The Artist’s Way is a wonderful gift to your own creativity and inner artist,” Huisman added. “Whether you are stuck in your creative practice or your 9-5 career, The Artist’s Way can help break down your present limitations and help you soar past them. I’ve had lawyers, stockbrokers and parents take the course and rave about how it increased their ability to communicate, think creatively and solve problems at both home and work.”

Advanced registration runs from now until October 5th (or until the courses are filled). Late registration will run from October 6th through October 13th (assuming space remains available). Huisman will teach one class only on each island. Enrollment is strictly limited to twelve participants per class..

Interested students may obtain schedule and registration information by contacting Huisman via e-mail at mjh89@columbia.edu.

Please note: The official Columbia University press release about Huisman’s collection at The Rare Book and Manuscript Library may be found at: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/lweb/news/libraries/2006/2006-09-06.huisman.html

Editors may quote from that release at liberty, with attribution.

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The option section of the artwork editor controls the price, size, and shipping cost of an item. It can even allow you to offer framing options, different editions, and more. You can find the options section located in the gray area on the bottom of the page when editing an item, where it says “Add an Option.” Follow these simple steps to add options to your artwork.

1 – In the drop down button where it says “size”, select or leave as is, the type of option you want (size, edition, etc.).
2 – Type in the width and/or length of the item in inches.
3 – Add the price you want to charge in the box.
4 – Add the shipping weight. This is used to calculate the amount the site collects for shipping based on Current USPS Priority Rates (Hawaii to the mainland is Zone 8).  Enter a weight that will collect an amount that accounts for insurance and our commission, which comes from the grand total.
5 – Press add option.
6 – The option will appear in the gray “artwork options” section below.
7 – Add as many options you want.
8 – Press save changes.
9- Ta Da, you did it!

Options allows you to offer different sized items for different prices. If you use multiple options like size, frame, and edition, the site will add the amounts together if the customer selects them. If you want to give the choice of framing, remember to add a Unframed option under FRAME: and leave the price and weight blank. If you need more help, remember you can always contact us at art@hawaiiart.com

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You are invited to a fabulous art opening at Honolulu Academy of Arts Linekona Gallery, on Friday 7, 2007. Reception begins promptly and painfully at 5:30pm to 8:30pm. My guess is we’ll still be kicking up dust after that but the reception is officially commencing at the shown time. The art show is a collaborative design show featuring 7 artists and their works. There will be pupu’s and wine along with plenty of street parking. Feel free to bring keiki’s, kupuna, kind friends, strange friends and whoever else you’d like to join in on this parade. The more the merrier! Linekona is the big stately grey building on Victoria Street, adjacent to Honolulu Academy of Arts main building. The show is titled ‘Inside Out’ and will be presented UPSTAIRS. Any questions please call 808.780.8169

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