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SnipshotNow if that doesn’t deserve a click (unless you have Photoshop) I don’t know what does. Snipshot makes it entirely easy to crop, enhance, and do other basic editing all for free right through your web browser. I love web-based stuff like this as there is nothing to download, and it is as easy as can be. Good images are key to selling your art! Never underestimate the power of a brightness & contrast adjustment, with a touch of sharpen filter, and even a dab of saturation to compensate for camera and lighting inadequacies. I hope you take advantage of this great tool.


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Patrick Ching Patrick Ching will be conducting a figure drawing class in Waimanalo this Saturday from 2pm-5pm. $35 If you would like to be a student or a model Contact: Patrick@NaturallyHawaiian.com

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The potential of the multi-view feature is amazing. Example 1 Example 2 Move your mouse over the little images below the main one to see the feature work. Shelly’s use of gallery shots in the display of her beautiful watercolors is sure to increase sales. Close-ups, framing, pictures of the certificate, on the easel, and any other additional images will help you sell more art! You can add up to 4 of these supporting images. If you have any other pictures of your existing works that you would like to display, please send them to art@hawaiiart.com and I will happily clean (if needed) and add them for you OR Login Here.

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