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Our business model depends on the retail sales we make through HawaiiArt.com and the 10% referral fee artists pay us for commercial projects they receive as a result of exposure on our site. Recently we have had a string of commercial projects initiated by designers and developers who use HawaiiArt.com to find that perfect application for their project. Unlike other galleries, we rely on a trusting relationship with our artists to compensate us per our contract for these referrals. Without this trust, we could not offer the level of artist-customer contact we pride ourselves on. Please don’t forget about us when those off-site sales checks come in. As more and more designers become familiar with us, these types of large sales are sure to increase.


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Rachel Kokosenski wants to abolish the notion of the “starving artist.” Just as an athletic coach devises exercises and training plans to develop greatness in an athlete, coach4artists.com coaches visual artists to be professional and successful in the art world. She examines your potential as a whole artist, not based on one or two pieces of work. In addition to affordable career coaching, Rachel’s site also offers books, custom marketing plans, and a free newsletter which you are invited to join!

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