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HawaiiArt.com 3.0

1.jpgI had a perspective artist tell me “I am surprised that you take 20%, what do you do if the artist does the listing and shipping?” In addition to website hosting fees, online advertising, payment processing, our toll free order center, business memberships, and rolling out new features, we use that money to pay our web development team to design and redesign the website for an optimal customer experience. Click the image for a sneak peek of the latest version. The website will include all new text as we have hired a professional writer to create new content for all of our pages.

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Many artist worry that they wont be able to use HawaiiArt.com because the computer is a scary thing that is to be avoided at all costs. Here are the only technical skills you need to list with us:

1 – The ability to check your email every few days.

2 – Have digital pictures of your work on your computer (that you can find) to make your listing. Don’t worry, the website does all the resizing itself.

3 – The ability to fill in the blanks on the artist control panel like the title, medium, size, etc.

If you get an order and we don’t hear from you, we will call you by phone because great customer service is a priority for us and we would like orders that come in to be answered by the artist within 3 days. We just don’t want you to forget about us and the fact that in addition to giving you a free listing, we may even have a sale in your inbox! 😉

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If you are a new artist, this post is for you. It outlines the basic steps of how HawaiiArt.com functions. Please feel free to ask any question you may have by posting a comment.

1 – The artist logs in at http://www.hawaiiart.com/members and lists their work. Don’t worry about resizing images or anything like that. The website does it all automatically.

2 – The customer sees your work on our site and buys it either online or though our toll free order department and HawaiiArt.com will authorize the amount on the customers credit card.

3 – We send you a email receipt with the customers information which you will reply to confirm that you received it.

4 – Once you confirm the order by replying to the email, HawaiiArt.com will capture payment.

5 – The artist will then ship the artwork to the customer and provide any available shipping and tracking information (if available) to HawaiiArt.com.

6 – In 30 days HawaiiArt.com will issue a check to artist in the amount of 80% of the total sale price.

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I really don’t like math. I would imagine that being artists many of you don’t like math either. When we first converted HawaiiArt.com from a typical website that we managed to a complete “artist managed” showcase we had to carry over the way the website managed options. This was to set the smallest price and size and then add larger sizes and amounts in the options box. Even now it looks confusing as I write it! I am pleased to announce that all you need to do to add options and sizes to your art is to type it in! No more addition and filling out the “smallest this” or the “added weight” of that. Simply enter in the size, price, and weight and the website will take care of the rest.

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