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HawaiiArt.com is now fully operational and running beautifully on the new host. While we took a massive hit in sales during this holiday, the long term prospect of being an artist at HawaiiArt.com is better then ever. We will continue to improve (rather then fix) the site from here on out targeting ease of use for our artists and effective ecommerce techniques for our customers.

Here is a recent email we received that relates directly to one change that is now available on your artwork listings. “The order we placed was originally for 7 days. Now we are being told by the artist that it will arrive after Jan 1st. Is there a retailer who may be able to ship sooner? If not we will cancel our order.” The customer proceed to cancel this order.

On your artist control panel at http://www.hawaiiart.com/member/login/ you will now find that the SERIES: field has been replaced with Ships: [ ] 1 week [ ] 2 weeks [ ] 3 weeks.

Effective 2007 we are no longer requiring our artists to ship their work in 7 days and will be updating our contract to reflect this change. Now you have the flexibility to set the time you need to ship your work and convey this critical information to your customers.  This is a proven way to increase sales and you are encouraged to PLEASE UPDATE YOUR WORK ON THE SITE ASAP IF IT CAN NOT SHIP YOUR ART TO THE CUSTOMER IN 7 DAYS. Even if you can ship your art in 7 days, indicating this on the site with the new feature is a great way to boost your sales and incresse customer confidence.

We have a massive list of improvements coming and while 2006 was clearly a “growing” year, 2007 is all about profits and reliability. Its about time!

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Were moving!

HawaiiArt.com is being transferred to a new web host which hopefully
will eliminate the dreaded 500 server error we get at pair.com
(another host where we have been for 3 months). These moves have been
quite painful and when combined with the site redesign have resulted
in 700 of out 800 pages being dropped in Google.

The good news is that our page redesign, new google sitemap, and
search engine optimization efforts when combined with a consistently
working site should convey to Google that we are again deserving of
there attention and to consider us highly we people are searching for
hawaii, art, prints, paintings, and more. I want to thank you for
your patience in getting though the last year as we have transformed
the site from a simple static web site into a complete artist-managed
ecommerce platform for artists in Hawaii.

We will also be resuming our artist control panel and design
improvements once the move is complete making the site more
attractive, full featured, and easier to use. Thank you for your
patience and have a great holiday and new year!

Mahalo nui,
Glen Carner

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