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We replaced the automated call system with real human beings today at our toll free number (800-780-0805). Goodbye technology and hello warmth and friendliness. We will continue to feed you non-sales related calls which will be sent by email. Ok, maybe technology gets a point for that one.

For the convenience of our mainland customers, our order department is open
Monday to Friday 8:30AM – 8:30PM, and Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM (Eastern Time).

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1. Although I could certainly be off, I’m not feeling super invested in the
Ackerman-Black ad as presented. It just doesn’t strike me as a good
investment of money, because: 30 seconds a day x 8, although it may look
good on the surface, is really only 4 minutes per day out of a 1,440 minute
day. Real hit or miss. But the real issue to me is the disconnect. For
those people who haven’t brought their laptop with them, they will have
forgotten about the ad by the time they get back home. As they say in
sales, “you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot!.” And with all the
physical galleries around town to visit, it would be more likely that if
they’re interested in art, they’d go in in person where they can see the
artwork live and buy then and there. Since the gallery is on-line, that
already makes it somewhat impersonal. I think there has to be a way of
making it more personal. What about doing a similar thing, but picking a
trial mainland city to do it? People may be home in Seattle in the dreary
winter, warmly remembering their recent vacation in Hawaii and some painting
they ALMOST bought, but didn’t, and voila!: a way to order something even
better on-line from the comfort of their own home!;

2. An ad in one or more of the major airlines magazines (e.g., Hawaiian
Air, Aloha, Delta, United, etc.). May be more bang for the buck, will reach
a greater number of people, easy to tear out the ad and bring back home with
them, may lead to indirect exposure. Or an ad/s in other magazines, such as
an interior design magazine;

3. I don’t know about neighboring islands, but here on the Big Island,
there’s some BIG money in Kailua-Kona, Holualoa, Kealakekua, Waimea. If
there’s a way to be able to promote the gallery through interior designers,
architects, contractors, builders, etc., we could reach people who have
bought a home, have newly moved here and want to decorate it;

4. How about a live demo at one or more of the resorts? Like The Hilton,
The 4 Seasons, The Sheraton, etc. Two or three artists could set up their
easels and paint, meet and greet prospective buyers, then hand them the
gallery’s business card.

5. What about a radio ad on one of the local stations?;

I can’t think of anything else right now, but if I do, I’ll be sure to
forward it on. I think that it’s important to diversify advertising
efforts, and that due to the unique and smaller communities we have here in
Hawaii (i.e., “the coconut line”), we can probably get a lot of word of
mouth mileage for some initial effort and expense from at least a couple of
the ideas above.

Warm aloha,
e mau ke ea o ka ‘aina pono:
“The very life of the land and all that nourishes us is protected by the
respect, right relationships and right intentions of the people.”

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