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We are going to be scripting the new tv commercial next week and are looking for your input. The idea behind the commercial is to create interchangeable artist blocks (they are called donuts actually) that can be swapped in and out from one master commercial. That way whenever an artist wants to run some tv advertising, there will be something like $500 first time (production + air time) and $250 for each additional month (airtime) to insert there block into the commercial.

We have chosen Ackerman-Black who own Big Island television to produce and show our advertising. One important factor that needs to be considered is that Big Island Television and state wide cable channel advertising options are analog as opposed to digital channels like Canvas and Clay. Big island resorts currently do not support digital cable is my understanding.

Artist comments will be brought to the scripting meeting with Ackerman-Black scripting next Wednesday 10/20/06. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE. Here is the AIRTIME BREAKDOWN.


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Bleeding edge web technology is what our site is running on now and that was an actual interview question I recently had to ask. Go ahead and ask me what it means? Well guess what, I dont have a clue but I hired 2 new developers who are experts in it. One is almost totally dedicated to artist control panel issues and the sometimes problematic “back end”. If you have any site problems, please post them here to get the best chance of a developer seeing and repairing the issue quickly. It also gives other artists notice about problems with the site so they dont experience the same frustration.

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Welcome Beth Marcil of Maui, Glen Schot of Kauai, Anna Good of Maui, Lynn Wiley of Oahu, Marina Kuran of the Big Island, Cherie Okada of the the Big Island, and Ron Dahlquist of Maui.

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We are making the default sort for the main categories (prints, paintings, etc.) “1 artwork per artist then repeat”. These means that on the main categories, the website will display 1 artwork by you and then will choose art from each artist until your name comes up again. This will give everyone an opportunity to get good exposure on the top pages. Remember you improve your exposure on our site automatically #1 by listing new work (New Releases), #2 selling work on HawaiiArt.com (Hawaiian Art Customer Favorites), and #3 having an item be a best seller (Best Sellers), and having an item on Sale. We will continue to make design changes that reward these actions.

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We changed the “browse by artist” button to show your artist bio picture. Well that’s “if” you uploaded your bio image. Take a look at http://www.hawaiiart.com/artist/ to see who else is using HawaiiArt.com. Also we “cut the head” off the website so it loads and works much better now. There should be some new design elements over the next few weeks so check back or even better, upload some new art, or even even better hopefully we make you some sales! Thank you artist Glen Schot who didnt upload “his” image yet I see. 😉

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Would you like to be in a 15 – 30 second commercial on Oceanic Cable
Channel 320 promoting your work on HawaiiArt.com? If you are
interested, this may be our primary marketing focus as we move towards
Christmas. The channel is called Canvas and Clay
http://www.canvasandclay.com and features local artists in Hawaii.
Think of them as the HawaiiArt.com of television.

If we can get 3 – 4 artists together who are interested in sharing the
production and advertising costs with HawaiiArt.com we could create a
spot that would run at present about 12 times daily. The cost would
be about $400 for the production and advertising costs per artist (3 –
4). We are still developing the concept and would like your feedback
and interest before we move towards production. I am sure you have
questions so ask away.

If advertising or paying for advertising is not your interest, then
you may want to see if you can get one of those great artist
infomercials. They focus on websites where your art is available for
purchase after viewing? I have just the one, and we are happy to
compensate our artists when they use HawaiiArt.com in there marketing
efforts. Here is our very own Danny Braddix in all his glory at

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