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PROBLEM: 500 Server errors (nasty looking white screen) occurring about every 50 page loads. FIX: Press Refresh on your browser and we are working on a permanent fix.

PROBLEM: After renaming a piece of artwork you cant upload a new picture. FIX: Unclick “display art in the catalog” and save. Then create a totally new listing with the correct name. Email art@hawaiiart.com and we will permanently delete the bad listing.

PROBLEM: When uploading an image, Sending … hangs and doesn’t upload. FIX: Press Refresh on your browser and try again. Its that pesky 500 server error.

PROBLEM: Using Special symbols in the Title like &, :, ‘, !, and ” cause the product page to display incorrectly, the image upload to break, and other sorts of things you would like to avoid. FIX: If you do use a special symbol in the title or body that causes a listing to start behaving badly, uncheck “Display this art in the online gallery” in the artwork editor and create a new listing without special symbols. Then email art@hawaiiart.com and we will be happy to delete the bad listing for you.

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We hope you are enjoying the changes and wanted to make you aware of our “Artist Hotline” feature. The way it works is when a customer calls our toll free number 800-780-0805; they can press 1 and be connected to a cell phone or phone number of your choosing (agent, etc..). This can be kinda creepy at first when you hear a customer say “Hi, I am looking at ‘your’ website and wanted to know if (your art here) is “gallery wrapped” and you think to yourself, what website are they talking about? Well that website quite often is HawaiiArt.com. We don’t quite know if this idea will pan out (or pay off), but it goes along with our mission statement of “connecting customers to fine artists in Hawaii.”

Please Note: This feature is easily abused. Let it be used for incoming calls from customers where HawaiiArt.com is eligible for our 10% or 20% commission only. The alternative is charging (nickel and dimming I should say) the artist and we absolutely never want to do that.

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Q: Managing the website direct is cool. I popped up a few new images. How do I delete an image?

A: Aloha Steve and thank you! It really is a special piece of work using the latest and greatest of new web technologies. If you want to delete or should I say change an image, just click browse next to the image upload to change image. You cant delete an item but you can click the checkbox so it will not display in the HawaiiArt.com catalog. If you absolutely want to remove the item email us and we will delete it permanently for you.

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After 5 months of updating HawaiiArt.com to serve you and our customers better, we are DONE! Quite literally everything on the site has been improved. You now have complete control over your listings. We will continue to do quality assurance checks but this truly is a your gallery now. Make it beautiful and thank you for being a part of Hawaiian Art Network. If you forgot your LOGIN information please reply to this email and we will send it to you.

YOUR ACCOUNT LOGIN IS AT: http://www.hawaiiart.com/member

Its a great time to update your artwork as we will be advertising off-line and pushing deeper into the interior design market now that the technical work is mainly done. We are getting terrific feedback from designers and the art community who see how simple it is to use HawaiiArt.com to find the unique and original art that you offer. Many more great opportunities are coming so please help keep the gallery fresh and current….

IF YOU NEED HELP – Please call 808-345-6333 for my direct line or use the Instant Messenger Chat on top right of the page to chat with me online. I will be online and available by phone to assist in using the new artist control panels. What’s great is that the site is so simple now that you hopefully wont even need it but I am always here to help.



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See that little box on the top right of this page? Well that gives you instant access to me if I am online. Yes, kind of scary but if you really want scary just wait till I instant message you though it when I see you online!

This can be great for customer services on HawaiiArt.com. In the mean time, if you need help setting up your art using the new account interface, please drop me a line.


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